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April 27, 2010

The words “Lent” comes from an old German root word for ‘long” because in the Northern Hemisphere, Lent happens in spring, when the daylight hours noticeably lengthen. However, for us in the Southern Hemisphere our Lenten/Easter imagery is not leaping lambs, spring flowers and Easter eggs, but fruit falling off tree, bursting open and seeds of new life spilling on the ground. Autumn is horticulturally speaking a ripening time, not a blossoming time- and the faith-formation stage we are engaging in during lent is about ripening faith not blossoming faith.

However, in a growing number of communities Lent is once again what it was in the early church, a special time of preparation for Easter baptisms or for a personal affirmation of ones’ baptism. Traditionally,” Glory to God in the highest” is not used in Lent. Texts and hymns are carefully selected to avoid the use of the word ‘Alleluia” which is not used during Lent but will greet the resurrection on Easter day. In the gospel of the first Sunday in Lent we went with Jesus into his forty days in the desert. Our times at church and the Lenten programmes can be oases in the desert, encouraging us on to that intimacy with God and a realistic examination of ourselves which the desert promises.

Vicar Tim










Palm Sunday  25 March

8am & 10am Eucharist

Monday, Tuesday &Thursday 26,27 & 29 March

7am Morning Prayers

Wednesday 28 March

7am & 10am Eucharist

Maundy Thursday 29 March

7am Morning Prayer

6.30pm Shared Meal, Eucharist with foot washing

8.30pm  Stripping of the church

9pm – 9am Friday Prayer vigil

Good Friday 30 March

10am  Good Friday Service

10.45am  Ecumenical Procession of Witness

Saturday 31 March

7.30pm  Easter Vigil with Eucharist and Renewal of Baptismal Vows

Easter Sunday 1 April

6am Sonrise Service atop Dolbel Hill

(meet in church car park 5.30am)

9.30am Eucharist (one service only)

11.30am  Eucharist at St Thomas’


We are a Fairtrade church

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