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May God the Father
prepare your journey,
Jesus the Son
guide your footsteps,
The Spirit of Life
strengthen your body,
The Three in One
watch over you,
on every road
that you may follow.

A very warm new year 2018 is proving to be.

The young and much older are the concern as it has always been or should be. We have been blessed at All Saints’ with families bringing children for baptism. This time of year, we hear about the baptism of Jesus. One snapshot, only one biblical glimpse of Jesus’ early infancy. Four adults are part of the scene, eager to see this child launched with due ceremony and love. Along with Jesus’ parents, there are two other adults, old and faithful and vulnerable. These two Simeon and Anna, who respond to the occasion. These two devout and faithful people are recorded as praising God. God has granted them the opportunity to witness the arrival of an infant whom they understand to be the central change agent for the cosmos.

The child, Jesus, launched into the world, through the faithful hopes and practices of his parents and others, prompts the Gospel writer to conclude: “The child grew and became strong…”

We read about this in the Gospel of Luke and while focused on Jesus throughout, Luke also records the responses of the adults around him to the child. In fact, this text poses a critical set of questions for adults who have anything to do with children, be they parents, members of religious communities or the general public.

  • What expectations do we have for our children as they grow toward adulthood?
  • What are our hopes for them?
  • How do we utilize the resources of our faith communities to support children?
  • What protection and guidance do we offer them so hopes and expectations can be realized for their flourishing?
  • What responsibilities do all adults have for children, regardless of whether or not they are related to them by blood or marriage?

Luke’s words portray a picture of hope, innocence and adult concern for the infant Jesus.

Luke’s words have at their centre a child: surely a prompt to everyone to consider the treatment of children today.

What does it mean to cherish and value children? Several years ago, a proverbial phrase was popularized through a speech; “It takes a village to raise a child.” How true in the best sense of that phrase.

As our children go back to school, as our youth group gathers my plea is that we take seriously and be active in that village caring for our children and also for our elderly.

Vicar Tim


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